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Salt Valley Arts will continue to follow EHM Senior Solutions policies to ensure the continued safety of the EHM residents, colleagues, and community members.

While our current facility use at EHM Senior Solutions is still severely affected by COVID, we are able to use it again on a limited basis with some precautions.  However, as a participating member of Saline's Cultural Exchange, we have been able to use their space at 109 West Michigan Avenue for some events with precautions as well.  And Salt Valley Arts has continued to host Zoom meetings to keep our artists connected as this pandemic continues.

Please email us at to verify the status of any events.  Thank you.


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Visit our Facebook page for the most current info on Salt Valley Arts!

While we update our website, our Facebook page will have our most current announcements, events and info.  You may also email us at  

  Call for Artists              

Guilds are NEW!

Learn how Salt Valley Arts is meeting our members interests and providing opportunities for our artists to create, learn, and share their art. Visit our Guilds page now!

Arti Gras 2023: Framed Inspiration

Arti Gras 2023 has begun! Visit our Events page to learn how to participate in this three part creative event.

The Community Mitten Project

Nancy Miller is coordinating The Community Mitten Project again this year with free classes to make mittens to benefit Saline Area Social Services.  Visit our Events page to learn more!  

January was Membership Renewal Month

Your Salt Valley Arts membership allows you to participate in all our creative activities January through December.  Only those who have never been members may be eligible for a prorated rate after April, so don't miss out!  Visit our Membership page to to renew your membership now!  

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