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Salt valley arts builds and nurtures the creativity of the individual and the local community; we provide engaging opportunities for learning, teaching, sharing and appreciating the arts.

Salt Valley Arts arose in the Fall of 2016 as a result of the closing of the former art center in Saline (Two Twelve Arts Center). With only five months between the announcement and the closing of Two Twelve, a steering committee, working with several community representatives, located a new venue in which to teach our classes in the facility owned by EHM-Senior Solutions in Saline.


Our space at 400 W. Russel provides 2,100 sq ft to teach and host events. It is leased from EHM-Senior Solutions for a minimal amount and EHM-Senior Solutions supports us by covering our facility expenses as well as providing parking and ADA accessible access to our space. EHM-Senior Solutions also houses a diverse community that has whole-heartedly embraced the arts. In addition to our public classes, we provide classes for EHM residents and their families on a regular basis.


You'll find more information about our classes and events on the home page of this website or in the brochures and advertisements from Saline Community Education and Pittsfield Charter Township Parks and Recreation - both of whom are Salt Valley Arts strategic partners.


Thank you for your interest in Salt Valley Arts

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 


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