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Arti Gras 2018

Our first Annual Arti Gras Celebration on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Salt Valley Arts, was a huge success. We're hoping this is the first of many. There was art, of course, fantastic refreshments, and plenty of merriment. This event featured the grand unveiling of our community art project, Sum of the Parts, plus a fabulous exhibit of artwork by participating artists, and by the talented students of Salt Valley Arts Instructor, Keith McGuire. Sum of the Parts featured the work of 36 artists. Each artist was assigned a randomly selected 4×6-inch section of a well-known work of art, and a 9×12-inch panel on which to recreate their assigned section using their individual creative style and own choice of media. The work of art remained a mystery to the participating artists, and all attendees, until the moment of unveiling. It was an amazing experience.

Please visit our Membership Page to join now. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in all of the exciting events we have planned and the opportunity to support Salt Valley Arts.

-- Photographs furnished by Anne Sheill.

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