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Second Annual Arti Gras

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Salt Valley Arts
4:00 to 7:00 pm

Salt Valley Arts, at the EHM campus,
400 W. Russell Street, Saline, MI 48176

Join us at Salt Valley Arts for our First Annual Arti Gras Celebration.  There will be art, refreshments, and lot's of merriment .  Everyone is welcome.

 Spend an exciting evening with Salt Valley Arts:

  • Join us for the grand unveiling of our community art project, Sum of the Parts

  • Take in a fabulous exhibit of artwork by participating artists, and by the talented students of Salt Valley Arts Instructor, Keith McGuire

  • Partake in all of the fun, revelry, and light refreshments!

Sum of the Parts will feature the work of 36 artists. Each artist was assigned a randomly selected 4×6-inch section of a well-known work of art, and a 9×12-inch panel on which to recreate their assigned section using their individual creative style and own choice of media. The work of art will remain a mystery to the participating artists, and all attendees, until the moment of unveiling. Don't miss it!

If Interested in submitting work, download and fill out the application form and guidelines.

Join Salt Valley Arts in creating
a collaborative art installation!

Salt Valley Arts has taken a well-known work of art and divided it onto a grid.  Each participant will be given a square that matches just one part of the picture grid.  As a participant, you will reproduce your part of the picture any way you wish in any media - the trick is you won't know how your part fits in with the completed overall work until it is unveiled!  Quilt, paint, bead, weave or knit your piece. Use pom-poms, wood, colored paper, feathers or any other material that is a matching color.  Anything that can adhere to the foam core board is fair game (but you may want to keep it lighter).  Entries may be purchased and entered from January 14 through February 18. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE TURNED IN BY FEBRUARY 18, 2022.


The Sum will be installed at The 109 Cultural Exchange in Saline, with new parts being added every few days.  During any stage of the installation everyone is invited to Guess The Sum and try to figure out which artwork was divided up (more details to follow).

Enter by submitting the Sum of the Parts Entry Form below and paying your entry fee of $7 for Salt Valley Arts Members or $10 for non-members.  Not a member and want to join?  You may add a membership to your cart with your Sum of the Parts Entry Fee!  Entries may then be picked up - or purchased in person - and dropped off any Friday from 10 am to noon January 14 to February 18, 2022, during Cake Eaters at The 109 Cultural Exchange, 109 W. Michigan Ave, Saline, unless other arrangements are made by emailing  Each entry fee covers one 10 by 10 print of your “part” of the painting to reproduce, a 10 by 10 square of foam core board for your part and one free Guess the Sum ticket.  

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