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01 2019 artigras flier with girl and mas

Arti Gras 2019 By the Numbers


  • 18 photographers displayed 32 photographs in Inspirational Landscape Show.

  • 31 artists attended Draw Party on December 2, 2018 to discover which photo would be their inspiration.

  • 5-7 artists traded their photos.

  • 48 Artists entered the create a piece of Inspired Landscape art.

  • 56 pieces of Inspired Landscape art were created for the Arti Gras Auction.

  • 9 additional pieces, including 6 of the original Inspirational Photographs, were submitted to be auctioned off.

  • 65 pieces were in the Auction.

  • 9 of the inspired pieces were jewelry.

  • 3 woven and 6 quilted wall hanging pieces were made.

  • 3 pieces were mixed media 

  • 18 paintings in watercolor, acrylic, encaustic and pastels were submitted.

  • 1 each made of fused glass piece on natural wood, travel journal, stained glass, porcelain clay relief, felted bag, knitted shawl and scarf, tea candle holders. (What a multi-talented community we have!)

  • We sold 60 pieces to 43 buyers for a total of $2,965!

  • Our door prize drawing brought in $267.

  • The total gross taken in at the Arti Gras 2019 Auction  was $3,232!

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