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Brannon - The Brannon Factory Logo
Canavan - Shanghai Low
Cherrin - Accessories
McDowell - Special Peacock Shawl
McGuire - Watercolor cards
Mann - installation
Downie - Rusty Gate
Howden - Butterfly Garden Bamboo Felt Pa
Brannon 1
Cherrin - Autumn
Wende - Ornaments_2020
Cameron - Night Life 72
O'Brien - 3D Explosion Rolls

Check back frequently for new additions!

Salt Valley Arts Member's Artist Market is an ever-growing list of our members with personal art websites. We want to provide every opportunity for our artists to share and sell their work! Each artist is individually responsible for their own sales and payment.  All art is shown for reference only to promote our artists and remains the property of the artist!

Artists are listed alphabetically.  You can scroll images to see more of an artist's work and double click the art to see larger images.  Click directly on an artist name to go to their site! 

Interested in joining our market and sharing your work?  Please send your website (or Etsy shop, Amazon marketplace, email, Instagram, Facebook, etc….) as well as a brief description of your art and up to 2 photos.  Photos must be 72 dpi and attached separately to your request.  Send requests to with "SVA Artist Market" in the subject.  Not a member?  Go to our Membership page to sign up!

nurture your creativity 

Discover, create and share the gift of art!  A membership to Salt Valley Arts gives you access to exclusive member-only activities as well as keeping you informed on all our creative community has to offer. Visit our membership page to sign up!

greeting cards and wall art

Trena has a passion for people and a passion for color. She has always been a doodler.  Trena offers a variety of pieces of art as greeting cards and other small treasures. Each piece is hand designed and crafted. She use images from stamps, as well as original drawings.

fine art

My work is about animals living in a human environment. The structures we build provide the spaces where we live and work. However, the space between buildings is also important. This is the space where cars park, trees grow and animals live. It’s sometimes too easy to miss it.

fine art

Jean Canavan derives inspiration from her observation of daily life. Her watercolor still life and landscapes often reflect transitions of light and shadow, and strive to express a certain sense of memory of time and place.  Jean has exhibited in several solo shows and many group exhibitions.  Her work is included in many private and public collections.

fine art, decor, accessories

fine art

Katherine Downie refers to herself as an Abstract Realist, as most of her paintings are painted very realistically, but are cropped so that they become abstract.  Bright, vibrant color, small details that bring out hidden details and a touch of childhood whimsy are reoccurring themes in Katherine's paintings and illustrations. 

felt supplies and other hand sewing projects

Busy and creative, but find it hard to carve out time to be creative?  My TaDaa! Studio carries an array of felts, felt balls and hand-sewing projects.  Items that were hard for me to find in the sizes and quantities I wanted so when I found them, I thought others might like them too.  I love the "TaDaa!" moment when I am proud of what I've made and started TaDaa! so that I could pass that feeling along to you.

jewelry and fine art

Kelsey Keyes' background in science & love of nature informs her creations; her beaded creations for jewelry and photography blend handmade with real. Kelsey's recent work transforms industrial and commercial materials, bringing beauty & whimsy from unlikely sources.

2D and 3D fine art 

Val Mann has shown her work professionally in the U.S. and abroad for 29 years and has received numerous awards. She grew up on a working farm: spending many hours outdoors and doing physical labor gave way to letting her imagination run wild.  Mann is inspired by the outdoors, people, materials and pushing the boundaries of possibility with those materials. 

writing workshops

Fascinated by the healing potential of creative writing, Julie’s workshops are designed to help writers bypass their inner critics, and go directly to images, feelings & memories. Julie became certified in the Amherst Writers & Artists workshop leadership training program and created Wellspring Writing Workshops, LLC, through which she offers creative writing workshops in Ann Arbor and Saline although her workshops are currently online.

fine art

Keith McGuire is a watercolor artist, graphic designer and art teacher.  He uses traditional painting and drawing techniques in his work.

handwovens and glass

Susan McDowell has always loved the emotional experience of color and light.  She calls nature her muse, and loves the idea of being able to recreate the experiences she has when immersed in nature.  Sue is constantly pursuing new techniques to incorporate into her art.

fabric artist

Nancy Miller is a retired teacher, author and illustrator. Currently she has become reacquainted with her sewing machine and leads the Community Mitten Project. This project teaches people to create mittens which are sold to benefit Saline Area Social Services. She also makes soap and has turned her love of attending garage sales into an Etsy vintage business found by clicking here.

Zentangles® and illustration

Danni O'Brien illustrated the children’s book “Into Fairyland, A Treasure Chest of Stories” and one of Danni’s Zentangle pieces was featured in “The Beauty of Zentangle” book featuring artwork from 135 certified Zentangle teachers.  Danni O'Brien is currently focused on freelancing, teaching Zentangle, and illustration.

jewelry and fine art

My work has always been inspired by my immediate environment where I find material for unique jewelry and art. The designs showcase the beauty of nature as well as its meaning to me as sanctuary and its fragility. Besides the found materials I use sterling silver, fine silver, copper and brass to enhance the beauty of my findings.

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